Littlelight Ceremonies:
Lake Forest Park, Washington

Masked Spirit Dance

Every 2nd Saturday, 7-9pm at Embrace the Moon
1716 NW Market Street, Seattle, WA

This is a solo sacred dance to travel down your private magical pathways to find richer understanding of yourself and your relationship to the gem of a world we live in.

* * * This is be a sacred ceremony so please come on time and plan on staying for the closing circle. Doors will be closed once we start. * * *

INTENTION: There are many ways you can do this dance. You can dance for something in particular. You can dance in gratitude and devotion. You can dance with your spirit guides and totems. You can do a combination of all of these things.


- Smudging outside the door
- Explanations
- Opening of Sacred Space
- Masked dance for personal and/or spiritual intention
- Closing circle to share our experiences.

RECIPROCATION: $10-15 and your quiet, self-loving adventurousness.

RSVP: Meetup or Facebook

- a mask (see below)
- a journal
- something for the altar if you like
- your dancin' feet

MASKS REQUIRED: Dancing in masks is a powerful Way that allows us to step outside of our everyday minds and enter a sacred space with expansion and a feeling of privacy.

What if I don't have a mask? You can bring a special mask you want to wear. You can bring a strip of clothe with eye holes cut into it. Easy!

TURTLE SPIRIT JAM PLAYERS WELCOME: We will be playing shamanic tracks but drummers, etc are welcome to embellish upon that and support us in our meditations. Yes. You can also play for a bit and then dance for a bit!

Blessed Be.

**People of all religions and spiritual paths are welcome.**


Please do not mix ceremony with altering substances in our space. For more on that, read the Turtle Spirit Jam note page.
About Tasara:

Tasara is a shamanic healer, teacher and ceremonialist who has been teaching pagan/shamanic practices and leading public ceremonies in the Seattle areas since the mid-90's. She passionately believes in the necessity to rebuild our sense of community and love for ourselves, each other, the spirits and mother mother earth. Nurturing compassion and devotion.

Tasara has studied extensively with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies and has had the honor of being deeply moved by the teachings of many loving, powerful shamanic people: Betsy Bergstrom for Mediumship and Depossession, Janine Ellison in her foundational and Extraction healing, Tom Cowan in Celtic Shamanism, Anank Nunink Nunkai from Ecuador, Miguel Kavlin from Bolivia, Isa Gucciardi in Depossession, mentor and friend John Lawrence, Sandra Ingerman for Soul Retrieval, Leslie Conton for many, many classes as well as Bhola Banstola from Nepal, Sangoma John Lockley from South Africa, Christiana Harle from Finland.

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