Littlelight Ceremonies:
Lake Forest Park, Washington

Shamanic Healing

Ceremony Workshop Series

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2015

Grounding is fundamental to any spiritual work. Grounding allows us to go far, clear, deep and immersed as open ourselves to the full experience the spirits are offering us.


Shaman's love being human. Juicy, messy, here.

Grounding is a body thing. It is to 'come to earth'. To be as present with the physical realm as possible. To return to self. To return to right relationship with the land. To practice what we know about being One.

*** This is part of a rotating workshop series. You can take these classes in any order. The fundamentals of ceremony are deep Mysteries which can be visited again and again.***

- Grounding
- Sacred Space and Altars
- Spiritual Boundaries, Protection and Cosmology
- Tree Medicine

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