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Lake Forest Park, Washington
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Tasara's Art

Sacred Motion Graphics
Tasara is a sacred motion graphics artist from Seattle who has a special lens into the collective dreamspace thru her shamanic visions and her poetic eye.

She will bring inter-dimensional atmosphere to your rituals and events with multiple projectors and live visual mixing.

Video samples are at Dryad's Pool


Tasara is currently in deep cauldron work, refining her Fox Stories, which will be performed in sacred space with visuals and meditative music, and more. To be notified of future performances, subscribe to the email list below.

Drum Facilitator and Sacred Flute Player
Tasara founded and facilitated the Turtle Spirit Jam for nine years. This sacred flute/didj/drum/dance/song circle found it's closure in 2016, though the song remains in our hearts. Tasara is available to host drum circles for your gatherings.

Tasara's multi-layered, raw writing has appeared in many publications, including:
All Things Healing, Druid's Egg, Pan Gaia, Open Ways, Women of Wisdom Enews and the Alchemist's Journal.
She also had a column inSibyl Magazine called "There is Healing in the Garden".

Most articles on shamanic healing, creating community and ceremony can be found here at Tasara's Blog.

She is currently working on a book on ceremony.





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