Littlelight Ceremonies:
Lake Forest Park, Washington
Courses in Earth-Based Spiritual Practices

Private Ceremonies

Ceremony creates powerful imprints in our lives,
our energetic fields and our memories.

Developing a private ceremony is an art form. When the ingredients tap into personal symbology and heartfelt intention, it is also life-changing and powerful.

Contact Tasara for some coaching if you need to get started and let her take you into her favorite world, the one of creating ceremony.

Examples Below:


  • Commiting to a new life
  • Becoming a parent
  • Letting something or someone go.
  • Finishing a major project.
  • Coming of Age: Maiden to Mother, Mother to Crone, Boy to Man, Father to Elder
    Clearing and Blessings


Difficult Times

  • cope with extreme stress or emotional times
  • help bring you into a safe place, physically and emotionally
  • find your spiritual allies
  • find the practice that will help in your grounding

Protection During Major Surgery

Initiation to the Healer Path

It is well known that many people from across the planet become initiated into the Healer Path through duress. Through serious illness or mental breakdown. Through great sacrifice. For many, it is not a choice but a situation where one was chosen by the Spirits. In many cultures, becoming a Healer is not something one generally wants to do, because the lifestyle is so difficult.

May the Road Kiss your Feet.


The Wedding


Healing Services