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Lake Forest Park, Washington
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Public Ceremonies

Virtual Psychopomp Ceremony on Sunday,
April 12th at 10AM PST.

Our purpose together will be to create a strong spiritual container, to invoke the gentle and blessed Guardians of the Crossing, and to drum and rattle together while we witness the marvelous healing and opening created by the spirits.

 We put out a call to all souls that are ready to cross over - and will not need personal tending - to meet us in our circle at this time. This includes human souls and souls of every earthly creature, including those lost in the Australian fires.

Please prepare by having a sacred space ready at the time of our ceremony.

  • Bring your drum, rattle or bells. If you do not have these things, you can make a rattle by pouring corn/beans/rice into an empty jar.
  • Have a candle lit and a quiet space.
  • Create an open circle on your altar representing the portal that will be created for the souls of the dead to cross gracefully.
To attend, please sign up on the mailing list at the bottom of the page and you will receive a link to the virtual meeting.
No one will be admitted after 10:10am.

Minimum $10 tip requested

  • My Venmo ID is Jen-Stone-16.
  • Paypal ID is my email address at the bottom of the page.

Pre-Ceremony Information about Psychopomp

We will be invoking the great power of witnessing and holding space as the guardians of the crossing help lost souls find their way home.


  • Please refrain from interpreting other people's visions.
  • Please describe your experience as your own and not others.
  • Please sing without words, to allow others to maintain their focus.


Please do not mix ceremony with altering substances in our space. For more on that, read the Turtle Spirit Jam page.

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