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Courses in Earth-Based Spiritual Practices

All courses are run on a sign-up dependency. Request to be put on a waiting list. When there are enough people, all will be contacted to arrange dates.

Extraction Healing

Come enter an initiation into the method of healing called Extraction, when localized energy intrusions are removed from the body with the help of a guiding and compassionate spirit.

This is an ancient practice of returning displaced energies to source.
Of bringing the natural world back into balance.
Of freeing up personal energy in order to live more fully.
Of working intimately with your helping spirits.

This class is limited.

This is the first method of healing training that Tasara offers to students on the healer's path and will be a prerequisite to learning other forms such as Soul Retreival and Compassionate Depossession.

Sometimes intrusions of energy can enter our bodies, causing us harm. This can be caused by simply being too open to our environment and picking up toxic energy forms in the world around us. It can also be caused by specific things like recieving the directed energies/emotions of someone else, another person putting "hooks" in us or someone sending us ill will.

Some of the symptoms of an intrusion can be physical illness, lethargy, emotional imbalance, obsession with another person, pain in one part of the body or having one's energy body put out of alignment.

This energy, by itself is not malevolent. It is misplaced or misdirected and needs to be returned to its source, allowing balance and healing to be restored for our clients. Extraction healing will remove such an intrusion.

It is important to remember that most of the time in our culture, people are not aware of when they are causing energetic harm to others. There is no place for blame or punishment in this work - only healing for all parties involved. We will be looking at the causes and remedy of intrusion as well as how some of our own behaviors may cause intrusions in others.

This is truly a work of partnership between the helping spirits and ourselves, standing in our strongest selves. This partnership is a beautiful, nourishing and ever-evolving relationship that has no end. It extends to our clients, the people that come to us with such trust that they lie down and open their energetic fields for us to be able to help them.

What a blessed thing when one human avails themselves to the spirits of compassion for the good of another.

Application process/Prerequisite:
In order to join this circle you need to have strong relationhips with your helping spirits and no doubt in your ablity to journey in the "Core Shamanic, Michael Harner" journey style.

1. Send me a letter telling me who you took your shamanic journey training with and where.
2. Please inlcude an extensive essay describing your journeys, things you have learned about journeying from the spirits and explaining why you are called to this training.
3. Please include your name, address, email and phone number.
4. I may journey to my spirit friends on whether this circle is a good place for you to do your work.
5. Upon acceptance, payment will assure your spot.

Payment:$200 until April 4th. $250 after that. No refunds.

Commitment: In honor of the knowledge given there is an implied agreement that you will not consider blending this technique with any other modality until you have conducted 20 extraction healings. It is my hope that you will choose not to blend it at all. After these 20 healings, you will be eligible to apply for Soul Retrieval training.

Training Circle Limited to 14 People.


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