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Lake Forest Park, Washington
Courses in Earth-Based Spiritual Practices

6 week Course in Soul Journey and Earth-based Spirit Practices

Lake Forest Park location

This class is offered by waiting list method.
Once there are five people on the list, I will contact you all and together we will determine the best times to meet.

Good things come to those that wait!

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Taught by Tasara.

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Dive into the lucid dreamscape and travel with your personal spirit guides. Let them take you across landscapes, through your body, merged with them as you fly, tumble, sit quietly, listen and feel the world around through through the eyes and ears of a spirit journeyer.

This experimental course is designed to take you to the root of all earth-based healing practices, which is soul journeying. Everything we do, we do with our medicine animal spirit friends and our guides on the other side. We go no where without them. These are solid relationships that ever-deepen as the years go by. They are bonds forged in complete trust and mutual love.

Learn the fundamental energy patterns of ritual, what makes a magical act powerful and what can interfere with your true intentions. Enter the university and cathedral of the forest. Tinker with your gifts and discover how to temper them.

• We go over spiritual protection techniques and different types of soul journey for navigating in the otherrealms and for walking in the everyday world.
• We explore upper and lower worlds, discuss benefits of clear cosmology.
• Introduction to the following areas is also presented: types of earth-based healing, devotion, wheel of the year, elements of a ritual, community circle dynamics, journeying and finding a power animal for others..
• Additional topics are added to meet the needs of the particular class.

When FYI when 5 people have signed onto the list.

Private home: Address given upon registration. Lake Forest Park, WA


Students taking it for the second time can come in at $125.

How to Register

Send email to Tasara to be on waiting list. Once there are five people, we will proceed. Please do not remain on the list if you are not planning on attending.

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