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Courses in Earth-Based Spiritual Practices

Soul Retrieval Training

Soul Retrieval is a life-changing, powerful form of healing that requires great responsibility and commitment on the part of the spirit practitioner.

This class is covered in multiple sessions, totaling 5 days of training time.

This is the second method of healing training that Tasara offers to students on the healer's path and will be a prerequisite to learning Compassionate Depossession. Before taking this class you must have developed strong relationships with your helping spirits and the ability to distinguish between your own wishes and the messages of your spirit guides.

If you meet the requirements and are interested, please contact Tasara. When we have a group, we will find some dates.


This is truly a work of partnership between the helping spirits and ourselves, standing in our strongest selves. This partnership is a beautiful, nourishing and ever-evolving relationship that has no end. It extends to our clients, the people that come to us with such trust that they lie down and open their energetic fields for us to be able to help them.

What a blessed thing when one human avails themselves to the spirits of compassion for the good of another.

Commitment: In honor of the knowledge given there is an implied agreement that you will not consider blending this technique with any other modality until you have conducted extensive soul retrieval healings. It is my hope that you will choose not to blend it at all. After these extensive healings, you will be eligible to apply for Compassionate Depossession training.

Training Circle Limited to 14 People.


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