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Courses in Earth-Based Spiritual Practices

All courses are run on a sign-up dependency. Request to be put on a waiting list. When there are enough people, all will be contacted to arrange dates.

Compassionate Depossession

Advanced Coursework for the Spiritwork Healer

Spirit Possession occurs when a soul that was not able to cross over after death finds itself a home in a living person's body. When this happens, both the living person and the lost soul suffer. Symptoms of possesion can be lethargy, addiction, exaggerated emotions, illness and other forms of overshadowing that the living host may or may not be aware of. The soul may be confused, may be still in the emotional state he/she was in at the time of death or may be very aware of the situation.

Soul Releasing, or Compassionate Depossession, is a loving process of allowing the light to unfold for the suffering being, to allow the heart light of the suffering being to unfold from inside them as well. During this proceses, contact is made with the soul's personal guardians and a bridge is opened for them to truly go into the light, to return home and start their soul path's new incarnation.

This initiatory training will teach students spiritual protection as well as methods for compassionate depossession. Areas that will be covered are:

  • Becoming steeped in the experience of your own divine self and your personal protector spirits.
  • Establishing and deepening relationships with the helping spirits specific to this work.
  • Creating a strong sacred space in order to contain this work and open portals to the otherworlds in order for a soul to be released.
  • Building a rapport with both your client and the suffering being that is living with them.
  • Tracking the divine light that resides in all suffering beings, in order to compassionately bring them to release and freedom
  • Working with the helping spirits to restore and repair your client's personal energetic field after the healing.
  • Grounding your client with good aftercare and recommendations for further work if the spirits suggest.
  • Managing potential intrustions of suffering beings who are attracted to your ability to help them cross over.

Prerequisite: A deep and practiced "shamanic" or soul journey knowledge. Must have strong relationships with one's compassionate guides. Must be journeying in the style taught in the Basic training by the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, which entails journeying to the Upper/Lower worlds to work with your totems and helping spirit guides.


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