Littlelight Ceremonies:
Lake Forest Park, Washington
Courses in Earth-Based Spiritual Practices

A Healer is a Door

She creates, carves out, cuts open a portal, nails the braces,
makes sure it's steady and then gets out of the way.

She makes the door of herself, the fabric of the worlds around her,
mundane and cosmic,
her desire for goodness and the will of the person seeking healing.

She allows for other people to walk through the doors
and for spirit to come out of them in order to do their work.

Her craft is in the doorway,
in the hollow bone as the unnameable rushes through her
and like a dance the unnameable forms itself into a hollow bone
to entreat her passage to the other realms. 

She is one with all things and beings.

When she smiles, the world smiles with her.

She changes with everything she touches.

Everything she touches changes.

- Tasara

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