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Courses in Earth-Based Spiritual Practices

Curse Unraveling

Curses are very common. In this day, they are most often unintentional but can still cause a great deal of harm. Curses can cause a long string of mishaps or prevent us from being able to fulfill our dreams. Self-destructive "tapes" or thought-forms can morph into curses and curses can be perpetuated by our own minds.

Curses come in an infinite variety of packages, methods and intentions. Curse unraveling allows for the original energy to be restored and for the receiver's life to be clear of the curse, free to move in their lives without having their free will or health interfered with.

The compassionate spirits are always willing to help us with this work.

There is no place for blame or punishment in this - only healing for all parties involved.


To determine what type of healing is best for you, I do a "diagnostic journey" by going to my spirit friends and asking them what is best for you.

Healing Services