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Compassionate Depossession

I like to call this Soul Releasing.

When we have soul loss from a traumatic experience or have lost our power animal, we are left with a hole where sometimes lost souls that never got to cross over can enter. Attachment to loved ones that have died can also cause a soul attachment that is draining to the person still living.

Some of the symptoms of a possessing being can take form in: taking on personality characteristics which do not seem to be you, compulsiveness, addiction, exaggerated emotional reactiveness, rages, feeling a pull in a certain part of your body, and sometimes even hearing voices.

A heart-centered compassionate depossession healing can help such a suffering being move on. It is a beautiful healing for both parties involved. This frees up energy to be returned to the person that has been carrying this being so they can move on with their lives.

There is no place for blame or punishment in healing work - only healing for all parties involved.


To determine what type of healing is best for you, I do a "diagnostic journey" by going to my spirit friends and asking them what is best for you.

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