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Sometimes intrusions of energy can enter our bodies, causing us harm. This can be caused by specific things like another person putting "hooks" in us, sending us ill will or recieving the energies of someone else's rage. It also happens just as likely through our being simply too open and picking up negative energy forms in the world around us.

Some of the symptoms of an intrusion can be physical illness, lethargy, emotional imbalance, obsession, pain in one part of the body or having one's energy body put out of alignment.

Extraction healing can remove such an intrusion.

It is important to remember that most of the time in our culture, people are not aware of when they are causing energetic harm to others. There is no place for blame or punishment in this work - only healing for all parties involved.


To determine what type of healing is best for you, I do a "diagnostic journey" by going to my spirit friends and asking them what is best for you.

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