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Totem Animal

It is a worldwide belief that we all have animal spirit friends that help us throughout our lives. They protect us, physically and spritiually, not mention provides deep awesome friendship if we are in relationship with them. If an animal friend is lost, then we can experience illness, a string of bad luck, a loss of energy or personal power, depression or many other symptoms.

In a power animal retrieval, the spiritual practitioner goes into the Lower World and seeks your lost power animal. If it is found, it is brought back and blow into the body of the person receiving the healing, along with information about what good the animal brings into that person's life.

This ceremony can be done for you or if you choose, you can be guided through the journey yourself to find your power animal.

We can also seek out a teacher for you in the Upper World of the spirit plane.

Our relationship with spirit is just like a relationship with a friend, except that the spirit friend has boundless love, energy and concern for our well-being. They need us as much as we need them because they cannot do their good work on our planet if we do not let them come through us. Our relationship with them is as deep as the amount of time and love we put into it.


To determine what type of healing is best for you, I do a "diagnostic journey" by going to my spirit friends and asking them what is best for you.

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