Kinds of Healing

The Spiritual Practitioner does not Diagnose. Instead, she Seeks Advice from the Spirits of Kindness.

Compassionate Depossession

I like to call this Soul Releasing.

When we have soul loss from a traumatic experience or have lost our power animal, we are left with a hole where sometimes lost souls that never got to cross over can enter. Attachment to loved ones that have died can also cause a soul attachment that is draining to the person still living.

Some of the symptoms of a possessing being can take form in: taking on personality characteristics which do not seem to be you, compulsiveness, addiction, exaggerated emotional reactiveness, rages, feeling a pull in a certain part of your body, and sometimes even hearing voices.

A heart-centered compassionate depossession healing can help such a suffering being move on. It is a beautiful healing for both parties involved. This frees up energy to be returned to the person that has been carrying this being so they can move on with their lives.

Curse Unraveling

Curses are very common. In this day, they are most often unintentional but can still cause a great deal of harm. Curses can cause a long string of mishaps or prevent us from being able to fulfill our dreams. Self-destructive “tapes” or thought-forms can morph into curses and curses can be perpetuated by our own minds.

Curses come in an infinite variety of packages, methods and intentions. Curse unraveling allows for the original energy to be restored and for the receiver’s life to be clear of the curse, free to move in their lives without having their free will or health interfered with.

The compassionate spirits are always willing to help us with this work.

There is no place for blame or punishment in this – only healing for all parties involved.

Totem Animal/Spirit Guide Retrieval

It is a worldwide belief that we have animal spirit friends that help us throughout our lives. They protect us, physically and spiritually, and provide deep awesome friendship if we are in relationship with them. If an animal friend is lost, then we can experience illness, a string of bad luck, a loss of energy or personal power, depression or many other symptoms.

In a power animal retrieval, the spiritual practitioner goes into the Lower World and seeks your lost power animal. If it is found, it is brought back and blown into the body of the person receiving the healing, along with information about what goodness the totem brings to that person’s life.

This ceremony can be done for you or if you choose, you can be guided through the journey yourself to find your power animal.

We can also seek out a teacher for you in the Upper World of the spirit plane.

Our relationship with spirit guides is just like a relationship with a friend, except that the spirit friend has boundless love, energy and concern for our well-being. They need us as much as we need them because they cannot do their good work on our planet if we do not let them come through us. Our relationship with them is as deep as the amount of time and love we put into it.

Energetic Extraction

Some of the symptoms of an intrusion can be physical illness, lethargy, emotional imbalance, obsession, pain in one part of the body or having one’s energy body put out of alignment.

Extraction healing can remove such an intrusion.

It is important to remember that most of the time in our culture, people are not aware of when they are causing energetic harm to others. There is no place for blame or punishment in this work – only healing for all parties involved.

The Journey of Death

If a person is nearing death, it can be helpful to do some meditations to prepare yourself for crossing over. This can help them feel more at peace and ease some of the fear. They may also speak with their ancestors, angels or whoever their spiritual guide is to find answers to questions or concerns they may have about dying.

Psycho-pomp – The Journey After Death

Sometimes when people die, they lose their way and do not cross over. A psychopomp journey, conducted by a spiritual healer can assist this soul to the next place that they need to be. Sometimes they are holding on because they don’t realize they are dead, or they do not know that if they let go, they can come back and be with their loved ones in a more full and spiritually helpful way.

Soul Retrieval

Please Come Home

(a beautiful poem about soul retrieval by Jan Hooper)

– Jane Hooper (July 5, 1950 – June 14, 2002)


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