Shamanic Journey

I am slowly rebuilding my curriculum after earning a Masters in Instructional Design through the University of Massachusetts, Boston. There will be a new, hybrid eLearning/in-person program in 2024 based on updated, relevant pedagogy.

Courses currently offered.

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Shamanic Journey and Earth-based Spirit Practices

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Dive into the lucid dreamscape and travel with your personal spirit guides. Let them take you across landscapes, through your body, merged with them as you fly, tumble, sit quietly, listen and feel the world around through through the eyes and ears of a spirit journeyer.

This experimental course is designed to take you to the root of all shamanic healing practices, which is shamanic journeying. Everything we do, we do with our medicine animal spirit friends and our guides on the other side. We go no where without them. These are solid relationships that ever-deepen as the years go by. They are bonds forged in complete trust and mutual love.

Learn the fundamental energy patterns of ritual, what makes a magical act powerful and what can interfere with your true intentions. Enter the university and cathedral of the forest. Tinker with your gifts and discover how to temper them.

  • We go over spiritual protection techniques and different types of soul journey for navigating in the otherrealms and for walking in the everyday world.
  • We explore upper and lower worlds, discuss benefits of clear cosmology.
  • Introduction to the following areas is also presented: types of earth-based healing, devotion, wheel of the year, elements of a ritual, community circle dynamics, journeying and finding a power animal for others..
  • Additional topics are added to meet the needs of the particular class.

Year-and-a-Day Shamanic Journey Circle

This Medicine Circle is an intensive monthly medicine circle.

It is an intimate, committed teaching circle for soul journeyers to do deep work together and find life tools.

with Tasara.
1 full day per month, 1-year commitment, 13 sessions.

We work on a variety of things, as spirit leads us. It could encompass part or all of the following:

  • Developing a strong spirit work individual toolbox to carry you through your own personal practice.
  • Discovering what your regular practice is
  • Finding your song and symbol
  • Working with spirit to find out what your inborn gifts are, as well as your limitations and challenges.

Ground work for those on the healer’s path is covered: hollow bone, devotion, integrity etc. Some basic healing methods will be taught and practiced in the circle.

You will be expected to maintain a personal altar at home. You will learn to rely on your Spirit friends for assistance in managing the trigger areas of your life and you will rely on the group to support you. We will run group journeys, interactions with the Natural Wheel of the Year as well as ceremonies for common intentions.

The content will shift to meet the group’s needs as people’s experiences blossom.