Spiritual Apprenticeship

Mentoring and Apprenticeship

Apprenticeship: A Year and a Day Commitment

Apprenticeship is for those who have already chosen the spirit path as a life path, or want to commit to it for the first time. It begins with an initiation/commitment ceremony and ends with another. The direction and scope of your work is self-designed and self-directed.

Monthly sessions give you space to talk to about spiritual experiences and to ask questions about different approaches to deepening one’s practice. There will be assignments for each month which we create together and customize to your own practices, comfort level and personal yearnings. You make the final decision on what your next steps will be.
The year and a day can be themed on personal healing, becoming a healer and/or skill building. Here are just a few topics that can be covered: ceremony crafting, boundaries, protection, grounding, spell-work, elements, artistic expression of spirit, contracts, psychic phenomena.

I am there beside you, to witness the unfolding of your beautiful journey and track the metaphysical threads in your life with you. If healing is needed, we do healing. If training is needed, we do that. If ceremony is called for, we craft it together.

Commitment is a key part of an apprenticeship. Apprenticeship requires personal investment, dedication and devotion to the land and the spirits. The rewards are priceless. Because of your consistent work, your life will be imbued with the sacred through this time

It is an honor to walk besides you on your path.

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