Spiritual Healing

To Be Healed Is To Be Whole

Spiritual illness can be caused by a loss of vital energy or soul part. It can also be caused by an intrusion of something that does not belong with us. Sometimes we are caught in a tangle of energy that needs untangling. Most times, spiritual illnesses have explainable causes, such as abuse and trauma.

A healing ceremony may provide a restoration of energy or soul. It may be an extraction of harmful energy. Always, there is a teaching presented in how to prevent spiritual trauma from happening again. Here are some ways a healing ceremony might look.

The spiritual practitioner does not diagnose. Instead, she seeks advice from the Spirits of Kindness.

Healing Session Logistics

I am available for sessions on the weekends. Fees are on a sliding scale from $75-$150/hr. Please choose what is appropriate for your income. Sessions typically take 60-90 minutes. If you need me to watch the clock, let me know ahead of time.

Once you have set a date for your ceremony, the healing begins. Read here for how to prepare.

Spirit Journey conducted on your behalf for $50. The journey can be emailed or delivered via phone/zoom.

To book a session, contact Tasara.

A Healer is a Passage

She creates.
She carves a portal with words and images.
She nails the braces,

makes sure it’s steady
and then gets out of the way.

She opens a portal in herself,
the fabric of the worlds around her,

mundane and cosmic,
her desire for goodness
and the will of the person seeking healing.

She allows for others
and the spirits
to cross,
here and back

in order to do their work.

Her craft is in the threshold,
in the hollow bone
as the unnameable rushes through her.

And then, like a dance
the unnameable forms itself into a hollow bone
to entreat her passage to the other realms. 

She is one with all things and beings.

When she smiles, the world smiles with her.

She changes with everything she touches.

Everything she touches changes.