About the Mystery School

Every aspect of practice in the metaphysical is a mystery. Each is interconnected with the whole. But because of the Laws of Energy the fundamental structures of how to access the Spirits of Kindness and the otherworlds remain the same.

We cannot experience divine wisdom if we are not connected with the Spirits of Kindness. We cannot consistently create safe and powerful experiences if we do not use the basic standards of ritual creation.

Once we do learn these things, the mysteries only continue to become deeper. Challenges present themselves are our ability grows, and when our true calling unsurfaces, our souls sings open a new path.

The material taught in the Raven Light Mystery School is organized into Paths so you may focus on certain skill sets individually. Each path of study ends in an initiation, conducted by Tasara but granted by the Spirits of Kindness. Then your path continues.

These initiations are not degrees as in a traditional occult system, often determining social status. Rather, they honor your personal commitments and achievements to your personal development. They are also spiritual empowerments to support you on your way. Each initiation brings us closer to our true selves, where the greatest power is accessed through the expression of our authenticity.

So, we learn to read the signs. We learn to unmask what we  hid in the shadows. We learn to dance again and we learn to love in ways we thought impossible. We learn our Way, which is not like any one else’s. We learn what respect is and we keep going until we reach the place of our Calling.

Then, an adventure of unspeakable dimension begins.