Preparation for Healing

First of all, relax. You do not have anything to do but receive so start right now by asking whatever spirits look over you to help you be open to receiving. Imagine them helping you already. Once we set a date, they really do start moving.

Try to approach the ceremony with childlike openness, curiosity and love. Gather things that are important to you to place on the altar, sacred or sentimental items, powerful or mundane. Bring what calls to you.

Bring an unlit candle so you can transfer the ceremony flame to it and take the medicine home with you.

Try not to imbibe in any mood or mind altering substances for 24-48 hours before and after the ceremony. Spiritual healing is about being in the body so it will be easier if you can focus on ‘coming home’ to your body.

If you want to bring loved ones to witness the ceremony they are very welcome to come. The power of community, family and partnership is very healing on its own. Just be sure to invite people who you won’t have to worry if they are comfortable in a healing ceremony. Your job is not to take care of anyone else that day.

If it possible, plan some time afterwards to be in nature, to ground, to absorb and integrate your experience. Pamper yourself or ask to be pampered. Favorite foods, a long bath.. you get the idea.

Know that deep spiritual healing can alter your need for medication, especially mood stabilizing medication, so be alert to changes in your system and adjust your dosage with the guidance of your doctor.