Path of the Bard

Know Thyself

To stand on solid ground, to know that we speak and act from our deepest, most clear knowledge, we must know ourselves.

Journeying to the inner realms within ourselves, we find our gifts and clear our channels.

This journey follows the book Journey of the Bard, which journey to the universal Tree of Life through the lens of Celtic mythology. It also uses the wisdom of  the seven chakras, placed at seven levels of the tree, connected by the silver spiral staircase upon which we travel.

This course creates an opportunity for deep self-reflection and gives context to symbolism many of us have been exposed to for years, but never understood how it fit into spiritual cosmology.

The crux of it allows us to answer the questions, “How do we create our lives, consciously or unconscously? What are we called to create?”

Journey of the Bard is 8 weeks, meeting bi-weekly and spending a full session on each level of the tree.

It is recommended but not required to know shamanic journey before attending.

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