Your “Way”

Your Sacred Way is Yours and Yours Alone. Where are you being called?

What is My Path?

In industrialized cultures we are told what to seek and how to love from a plethora of sources. There are so many types of spiritual offerings, we can actually experience an oppression of choice and never go deep into any one practice.

It is crucial to choose a path – even if our path may change. It will certainly twist and turn and come round to center again and again. To be committed to something, self, path or work is to grow. To not choose is to remain in shallow waters, always seeing the reflections of many things, rarely discovering what is underneath the surface, of self, others or the spiritual realms.

Shamanic Journey offers skills that anyone can use, wherever they may be led. The magical path is one of darkness, light, destruction, creation, healer, artist, warrior, self discovery, but foremost and most constant, love. It takes great fortitude to truly be on a path of love because love is not always the easy choice.

Your path may be one of a caretaker, a cook, a networker, dreamer, healer, doctor, artist, or mechanic. Your path will be made of your passions. I cannot tell you what it is. I can only show you the tools to help you stay on it.

Love is stronger than social, media or societal pressures.

Love is stronger than Facebook.