The Crow Clan: Shamanic Journey/Ceremony Circle

– CIRCLE IS FULL. Contact Tasara to be put on a waiting list. –
This facilitated, bi-monthly shamanic journey circle meets in Lake Forest Park on the 2nd/4th Thursday nights, 7-9pm. 
8 times per year, we will have ceremony to honor the Sabbats.

This new circle will form in three phases, with different session costs, starting in March 2024.

1. There would be a ramp up period to help new people learn how to do shamanic journey using the Harner method. $25
2. After that, the journey circle would choose their own journey intentions and there would be time to discuss journey methods. $25
3. Then it would go into being a mature journey circle without an emphasis on instruction. $15

The totem for our circle is Crow. Actually, thousands of crows. 

It is not required you attend every time, once you know how to journey.

Let me know if you are interested and we can talk on the phone. 

Crow Totem: Crows are everywhere. They are highly intelligent mavericks who live in community. They live on the edges of our society and are deeply in tune with the crazy movements of human activity.

In the future, there will be community ceremony again.

Years past, I hosted the Turtle Spirit Jam for 9 years. It was serious good fun and you can read about how we did it in The Ancient Bones of Ceremony. I also held many other public ceremonies. I took a break to write my book and undergo some inner transformations.

I will always be passionate and dedicated about drawing people together, so it’s just a matter of time before I concoct a new adventure for us. Stay tuned.