Paths of Initiation

The Path of the Bard

The Bardic Initiation is given after the following is complete:


      • Shamanic Journeying


            • Tree of Life Journey


          • This path can also include a year and a day self-dedication. This would provide membership to the Victoria BC – based 13th House Mystery School

        The Path of the Mage

        The Mage initiation is given after the Ceremony Series is completed along with having created and completed personal ceremony as well as have developed one form of divination.

        The Path of the Dark Night

        This is an Advanced Path of the Bard, focusing on the Dark Night of the Soul, shadow work. Initiation is given after a year and a day with the Raven Circle circle.

        Prerequisites to the Raven Circle are having completed the Path of the Bard and The Path of the Mage.

        The Path of the Healer

        The Initiation into Service as a healer is given after completing the 2-year Path of the Healer program. Initiates given empowerment and protection by the spirits to assist them in their practice.

        The Path of the Sacred Fire

        The Initiation into Service as community organizer if given after completing the Leadership Series and having completed agreed upon community service in the form of ceremony and/or spiritual circles.

        This will be discounted for those that are actively in community service in gratitude for the work that you do.