Learner-Centered Instructional Design

Gone is the Time of  Spiritual Teachers on Pedestals

The wisdom we are seeking lies inside. It is true that a teacher’s access to the spirit world and elemental energies may cause energetic transmissions for the learner. The teacher may create life-changing experiences, but the real learning happens in the long process of learner-driven exploration and assimilation of knowledge.

Spiritual awareness cannot be explained. It can only be experienced.

Open a Few Doors or Fully Commit to the Path

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Please be Patient

My calling is strong. I also choose to have a full time job so that I will not be compromised by the struggle to pay the rent through my vocation. This means that I teach one course at a time.

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Learner-Centered Instructional Design

keeps the focus on the learner, not the teacher. Clear instructional objectives based on active learner demonstration propels the student onto their own journey.

Each course offers a mixture of material using multiple mediums in order to engage different parts of the learner’s being. Learner are asked to Absorb, Do and then Connect to their own preexisting knowledge. Treasure hunts, experimentation and lively discussion aid the learners in discernment and application of knowledge.