Soul Journey Circles
Journey Circles
Shamanism Without Borders – Global response network of neo-shamanic practitioners who tend to global issues, traumatic events and natural disasters.

Books by Other Pacific NW Healers

Energetic Boundaries 101: Empowering Tools for Sensitive People

The CoCreation Handbook: A Shamanic Guide to Manifesting a Better World and a More Joyful Life

Reading for Healers
The Ethics of Caring
-by Kylea Taylor
The Hidden Spirituality of Men
by Matthew Fox
Duwamish River Cleanup Coalition

Local Listing of Environmental Organizations

Follow the passion in your heart and you will find the expression that feeds you.

Good Seattle Medicine:
Accupuncture:Kathy Nordgren. Singing bowls, love, glass cupping.. 206/930-3401
Taijiquan and Qigong:Embrace the Moon, Clear-Your-Body Temple
Reiki Teacher and Practitioner: Eilieen Day. Extraordinaire

Marijuana Addiction Resources:

With the legalization of marijuana, there has been so much praise for its benifits and not enough support for those whose lives are taken down by overuse. Any substance, overused, can destroy relationships with self and loved ones. If you are struggling with Marijuana addiction or just think you need support in not partaking so much, here are some resources that might help you: International Marijuana Anonymous meeting listings
Western Washington Marijuana Anonymous