Path of the Mage

Ritual, Ceremony and Magic

Using the book The Ancient Bones of Ceremony, we study the elements of private ceremony.

This series includes the following and more:

1. Elements of Private or Small Shared Ceremony
2. Altars and Sacred Space
3. Amulets/Talismans
4. Power of Words and Poetry and Symbols
5. Spell-casting and releasing
6. Laws of energy
7. Spiritual Protection
8. Sabbats

Path of the Mage is 6 month course.  Completion requirements include the learner having created and performed personal ceremony as well as having developed one form of divination.

There is no pre-requisite though it is recommended you take Shamanic Journey beforehand.

Included in The Path of the Mage:

The Power of Private Ritual: The Waters Within

Private Ritual is a time and space carved out for personal purpose, borne from the heart, from honest and true need for change and solace, celebration and honor. We enter this sacred place to stand present in our yearning, to bring forth our own intentions and to hear them answered.

Forging the skill of creating your own private ritual is a gift you will take with your for the rest of your life. You will forever be able to honor the changes, trials and celebrations that you hold dear in ways that will write history for you.

Your actions, love and intention deepen everything you do.

Topics Covered:

  • Energetic pattern of integrity required for a successful ritual
  • How grounding and relationship to land affects the stability of a ritual
  • The split second intention and the driving premeditated intention.
  • Opening up the conversation of what sacred space really is
  • Amplifying the work with altars: chaos and structure.
  • Ceremonial tools and how to use them
  • Interplay when co-creating with the spirits
  • Planned ritual vs. spontaneous ritual
  • How to keep it deep, powerful and personal
  • Walking the world as if in ceremony

There will time to creating a ritual design in order to facilitate clear and powerful intention through the carefully honed and passionately sourced vehicle of the ceremony format.