Fundamentals of Shamanic Journey

A spiritual life without strong relationships with the Spirits of Kindness is a lonely spiritual life. It is also a potentially dangerous one, as the otherrealms are filled with the same diversity and adventure as the physical realm. When we walk with the Spirits of Kindness, they strengthen our ceremonies. They guide us when we are lost. They help us to maintain pure intentions in our magical work.

Dive into the lucid dreamscape and meet your personal spirit guides. Let them take you across landscapes, through your body, merged with them as you fly, tumble, sit quietly, listen and feel the world around through through the eyes and ears of a spirit journeyer. These are solid relationships that ever-deepen as the years go by. They are bonds forged in complete trust and mutual love.

This course is designed to teach you the fundamental journey skills needed to be part of a community journey circle.

Journey is also the core skill of all shamanic healing practices, which is shamanic journeying. Everything we do, we do with our medicine animal spirit friends and our guides on the other side. We go no where without them.

Having approachable guardian spirit friends is a game-changer in one’s ceremonial practice, as well.

Description of Shamanic Journeying

Shamanic Journeying is a way to connect to the Spirits of Kindness and establish a permanent source of divine guidance. The practice can also be thought of as a way of being, a medicine path where we walk hand in hand with our spirit friends to find healing. We find healing for ourselves and also for our communities. Community includes the stone people, the tree people, the ocean people, the people in the sky and under the earth, the winged people and the four-legged people as well as the people who live in the faerie mounds, co-created by ourselves and the elements.

Everything that happens on our walk happens through deep relationship with all of these people, never forgetting our spirit teachers and allies. We don’t go anywhere, we don’t do anything in the realms without them. For we become their hollow bone.

Shamanism is not a religion. The deep medicine of relationship to the land and the spirits is primal to the human way of being. It is not bound to one culture. It has been practiced by many cultures across the world that have had no contact with each other, for thousands of years. You can find it in most indigenous cultures as well as in the roots of some of the world’s largest religions.

Shamanism entails a world view that everything on this planet has a soul. All things are beings reflecting the sacred. We are not separate from nature – and certainly not nature’s guardian. We are part of nature. We are flesh and blood, bone and dirt. We breathe, we think, we do, we commune; all of these things affected by and affecting all other beings.

We find our center in this magnificent web and we find joy, we find love and balance.

We find love and we find responsibility, for self, others and for our mother, the greatest Boddhisattva, Mama Earth.