Course Schedule

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This course is full. If you are interested and want to be put on a waiting list, contact Tasara.

This is a beautiful, light-filled practice. We are honored with the presence of the Guardians of the Crossings and we get to witness great healing for beings that have been waiting for the opportunity to move on, to return home. As they are released, our living clients are free to embody, to remember themselves more fully. This work is one of the sacred mysteries, one that continues to unfold as we deepen our experience. I am looking forward to sharing it with you!

Among the things covered:

  • Aligning with the psychopomp beings, or guardians of the crossings.
  • Discerning between ourselves and others’ energies.
  • What protection looks like
  • The difference between exorcism and compassionate depossession
  • Building the energetic healing system to facilitate compassionate depossession in a safe and loving way.
  • Practical applications 

Pre-requisite: Learners must already have core shamanic journey skills in the way that it is taught by the Foundation for Shamanic Studies meaning:  You travel to upper/lower realms to meet your spirit helpers with assistance of repetitive rhythm (drum/rattle/etc) in sacred space. It is fine to learn this on your own before the training.

When: March 22-24, 2024

  • Friday: 9-6
  • Saturday: 9-6
  • Sunday: 9-4

There will be 1 hour lunch breaks and periodic snack breaks.
Supply your own lunch and snack items, kitchen available.
It is advised that you clear your evenings to rest.

Let’s come together in sacred space to learn and be in community with each other. This is our first book club of many to come!

Our first book will be
The Ancient Bones of Ceremony: Remembering the Heartfelt Ways by Tasara Jen Stone

Step into the mysteries of the ancient ways as you travel on an allegorical journey to explore the many dynamic aspects of what makes a ceremony transformative for yourself, your family and your community.

For many of us, the formats provided by higher authorities are not enough, and imitating traditions of other cultures is controversial. We need to return to the bare bones of ceremony and create transformative events that are personalized to our own lives and the culture we live in. This is where our power lies.

Tasara Stone’s lyrical writing, which includes prayers, blessings, and paeans of gratitude, transports us to a sacred landscape where our heart’s needs are treated with utmost care. We tune into the light that glows at our core, connecting us to all of life. We spend time with Mother Earth and her elemental spirits, who teach us to walk the sacred spiral path. We learn about the importance of aligning ourselves with the cycles of growing and dying, accepting and letting go. Only with this wisdom and love can we craft and experience ceremonies that are truly transformative.
We will have 3 Meetups about this book after we read Part I, Part II and Part III.

Part I: Personal Ceremony
Part II: Community Ceremony and the Elements
Part III: Advanced Topics

Please be prepared by having read the entire book.

Bring your copy of the book, a journal/pen, and cushion or bolster to sit on.

Refreshments of tea, water and sweets are provided.

Parking can be limited, so if you can arrange carpooling that would be very helpful.

Dive into the lucid dreamscape and travel with your personal spirit guides. Let them take you across landscapes, through your body, merged with them as you fly, tumble, sit quietly, listen and feel the world around through the shamanic sense of a spirit journeyer.

Shamanic journey is the practice of traveling to the other-realms by use of repetitive rhythm (drum, rattle, click sticks) in order to receive healing and/or guidance.

Are you a kinesthetic journeyer? Do you hear sounds? Do you see landscapes? Follow the scent? Or do you journey using a combination of senses?

In this weekend, you will form or deepen your relationships with your spirit guides. There will be plenty of time to talk about your experiences journeying and trying journey in different ways so you can learn what works best for you.

Potluck lunches

Class limit is 8 people.
Location: Lake Forest Park home. Will send address after payment.
Hours each day
– Start at 9AM
– Lunch at noon.
– End at 3-4PM depending upon where the spirits leads us.
Cost is $200. Pay all up front or $50 non-returnable deposit

Potential for members to form a journey circle.

To register, send an email to “tasara.ravenheart AT” expressing why you are called to this workshop and payment through Paypal/Venmo.
Please include your name, phone number and address.